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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Troy Ross is Costing Taxpayers Money Toss Ross in November

Frank Leach has some questions for Mr. Ross. I wonder if Mr. Ross will answer them? A very good point is made the current Jackson County Board of Supervisors has cost TAXPAYERS money, doing deals behind closed doors, and making unwise decisions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jackson County Board of Supervisors and The Mess at SRHS

It's been awhile since I have done any political blogging, but given recent events I have decided to dip my hand in again.

We have a mess at Singing River Health Systems, our County owned Hospital. According to Guice the mouthpiece for the Jackson County Board of Supervisors, the pension plan will not be fully funded. So I guess it's OK for county entities to defraud retirees of their earned  pensions. They have pretty much set the pension up to fail when they stopped first the hospitals contributions (without telling anyone) and later the employees contributions while still paying money out. Meanwhile the Board of Supervisors throws money at the problem first by hiring Guice and doing an investigation and now by offering to hire a "turnaround firm".  Which sounds suspiciously like a new group of administrators will come in and tell the current group of administrators how to do their job. Why not just get rid of the current group of administrators that are incompetent and hire someone competent?  Oh and the Board of Supervisors just "hopes" the hospital will take them up on their offer and that they will actually have some say in the matter since they are footing the bill????

And while the Board of Supervisors insist they can hire the "turnaround firm" without raising our taxes they are obviously planning to shortchange other service to come up with the cash. The first casualty the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

But Supervisor Mike Mangum said he couldn't support allocating funds to a shelter until he looks at the budget, and pointed out that the supervisors had just committed to hiring a turnaround firm for the financially struggling county hospital system.

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 This is the same Board of Supervisors that co-signed loans for the hospital obligating Jackson County taxpayers to payoff the loans if the hospital defaults,  without finding out what the money was for or if the hospital actually had the funds to repay the loans.

Singing River Health System has about $106 million in Jackson County co-signed loans --

And who actually owns the Ocean Springs Imaging Center?  Not SRHS as it turns out.

Instead of SRHS purchasing the land and constructing the building, they decided to go another route. On October 4, 2006, a group of doctors and investors led by Drs. John Bailey and Bradley Sams formed Horn Island Realty, LLC.  Horn Island was set up with the sole purpose to develop the imaging center property.
Horn Island bought the land in August of 2007 from D & W Enterprises, LLC which was controlled by Danny and John Jalanivich. Danny Jalanivich was hired by John McKay’s 2011 re-election campaign and is now the Ocean Springs harbormaster.
Horn Island borrowed $8 million from the Mississippi Development Bank, which issued bonds to raise money for the building. Horn Island has 20 years to repay the money. In turn, Singing River signed a 20 year lease with Horn Island.

Is this a good deal for SRHS?
Generally a purchase will be cheaper than a long term lease. Singing River is on the hook for maintenance, insurance, rent, and an additional layer of profit on top the rent. The possible benefit for Singing River is that it allowed them to keep building with less scrutiny. If Singing River wanted to build this facility, the bond issue would have to be approved by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. The additional debt would also go on SRHS’ balance sheet. This way, SRHS got their building without having to ask permission from anyone and without it affecting their future borrowing

Don't get me wrong as a woman I LOVE the Imagine Center, with it's comfy couches, cozy fireplace and large changing room complete with terry cloth robes it's more reminiscent of a spa than a place you go to get a mammogram, making the experience much better than the bad old days when you got them at the hospital and felt exposed. But as a taxpayer I can't help but feel it's a bad deal meant to benefit the good ole boys in power.

We also have McKay and the other Supervisors smugly refusing to testify until after the primary election and then limiting what questions they can be asked.  A democracy depends on an educated well informed electorate. When your elected officials refuse to testify before elections, handle most matters in executive session and behave in a secretive manner voters do not have the information they need to make an informed decision.

Update: Looks like SRHS isn't enamored at the idea of money being wasted on a "turnaround firm" Singing River Health System doesn't bite, questions timing of county supervisors' offer

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

District 4 Town Hall Meeting hosted by Supervisor Troy Ross

I was very pleased to learn of the plans to place asphalt on the walking track in Latimer. I hate having the mulch get in my shoes when I walk there. I was also pleased to learn they are considering putting in restrooms and perhaps even a splash pad. There are also plans to create a Youth Complex where the old St. Martin Upper Elementary and Middle Schools were.

A free medical clinic is being added in West Jackson County near the Sheriffs Department on Tucker Road/Washington Avenue. The county is providing the building for a nominal rent.

A wildlife rehabilitation center is being allowed to locate near the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Gautier.

To see the new property rolls for Jackson County go here. No notices were sent out informing homeowners of the new assessed values of their home.

And a reminder that Jackson County Spay & Neuter provides a low cost spay and neuter program for low income residents thanks to scholarships and grants.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congressman Steven Palazzo's Teletown Hall Meeting

Scripted phone conference and why can't this pseudo Congressman hold a REAL town hall meeting.  Palazzo is so Junior High first he refuses to refer to the Act by IT'S proper name THE AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT.  Secondly he outright LIED about a lot of things. Congressman, Dr. Tom Price really didn't have anything to offer.

Medicare is not an entitlement, people pay into it during their working lives and have earned it.  Fraud, waste and abuse is not the problem. Dr. Tom Price wants to completely get rid of Medicare and claims that MALPRACTICE SUITES are the problem.

 Rep. Price:  "Going down the path of more government will only compound the problem. While the stated goal remains noble, as a physician, I can attest that nothing has had a greater negative effect on the delivery of health care than the federal government's intrusion into medicine through Medicare."

 Congressman Palazzo claims that Medicare is going to go bankrupt. Lot of empty rhetoric aimed at scaring seniors.

Congressman Palazzo claims that health insurance should be available for all..............and insist that they "Republicans" will do the same things the Affordable Healthcare Act does force insurance companies to insure anyone even if they have pre-exisisting conditions, make laws preventing insurance companies from dropping your coverage etc.

I will do all I can to make sure that Congressman Palazzo is a ONE TERM Congressman. He never holds real tall hall meetings, he doesn't respond to his constituents, and he seems incapable of understanding anything that doesn't fit his "narrow" world view. CONGRESSMAN PALAZZO DOESN'T REPRESENT ME AND HE MAKES NO EFFORT TO DO SO, he only represents the TEA PARTY.

The questions were screened and only those who agreed with Palazzo's view point got through.