Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Keep the Railroad in the City

I was dismayed to read the soundoff “move the tracks”. Apparently some whinny Biloxi motorist was inconvenienced by having to sit in traffic. Well while keeping the tracks in their present location may inconvenience them, it is better then the heartbreak of moving the tracks north of the interstate and taking peoples homes away from them. Having to sit in traffic is a MINOR INCONVINCE, having a home you love and worked hard for taken away from you by eminent domain is heartbreaking and a MAJOR INCONVINCE.

So Mr./Mrs. Biloxi motorist the next time you get stuck in traffic because of a train consider these things before you suggest they be moved.

The residents who live north of the interstate do not wish to be inconvenienced by the railroad either. We too have emergencies and places we have to get to on time. Instead of trying to inconvenience someone else, why don’t you suggest they build overpasses in the railroad tracks present location?

I moved to the country to escape air pollution, high traffic volume, and noise pollution; the railroad would bring all of these to my rural/residential area.

Rural areas do not have the infrastructure to deal with chemical spills and other hazardous accidents. Cities, which are already threatened with hazardous pollutants from a number of sources already, have plans and equipment in place to handle accidents of this sort.

Many of the families in Latimer have owned their homesteads for several generations. Other families like mine have scrimped and saved to buy a home that we treasure. We do not wish to have our homes taken from us by the railroad; so a few people in Biloxi will not be inconvenienced, by having to sit in traffic.

Leave the train tracks where they are. Let the residents of Latimer keep the homes they love. Motorist can always take alternate routes to get where they are going.

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