Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Letter from an Idiot who wants to move the RR so Drunks and Malcontents will not get hurt and my response to it

Your letter reminded me of a semi amusing article a university professor wrote several years ago in The Journal of Mississippi History about the history of Picayune, MS. The writer said there was an old dowager who owned most of the land there, and she thought development was okay as long as it wasn't on HER property--lol! Well, as for the idea that the rr trax should not be in north of the cities, au contraire, sis! Those of us who live near RR streets have seen a lot, not the least of which have been several hearsts after some drunk from a casino or some malcontent who is depressed has ended it all by not looking to the left and right before crossing! Now that the cities are getting big time, it's HIGH time those tracks got as RURAL as possible. Get with the times, hon. I don't know how old you are (I am 50), but I doubt we'll see ANY change in the near future. Have a nice day.


My response to S
Crossing gates and over passes would prevent drunks from running into trains. When you choose to live in the city the train was already there, so learn to deal with it rather then making it someone else's problem.

What you city folk don't seem to care about is the fact that people will LOSE their HOMES if the RR track is moved. I have friends in their 50's & 60's who have lived in their homes for generations. How fair is it for the government to take away their home by eminent domain just so you won't have to worry about some drunk or malcontent getting hit by a train. My husband and I have worked hard to afford a home for ourselves and our children, how fair is it to take our home away, just because you don't want to live by a train anymore. By the way we have drunks and malcontents north of the interstate too, do their lives not matter just because they don't live in the city????

And where do you think the trains customers are??? They are in the city. So that is where the RR belongs, and hopefully it will stay there forever. If you don't like it move, don't tell me I have to give up my home. And you are living in La La land if you think there are any undeveloped areas north of the interstate. New expensive sub divisions are going in every day. So the next time you want them to move the RR think about how much TAX money it would cost. If you don't care about other people losing their homes maybe you'll at least care about the money the government would have to spend. And not that it matters but I am 39.

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