Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Moving the Rail Road Would Destroy People's Homes

I was dismayed to read Caroline Grady’s letter to the editor entitled Train-delayed minutes could mean life or death.

The residents who live north of the interstate also have emergencies. We too need fire trucks to protect our homes and ambulances to rescue our loved ones to arrive in a timely manner. Caroline Grady knew there was a railroad in Biloxi when she moved there; she should just learn to deal with the inconvenience instead of trying to inconvenience someone else. And does she know for sure that a fire truck on the other side of the tracks wasn’t already where it was needed?

I moved to the country to escape air pollution, high traffic volume, and noise pollution; the railroad would bring all of these to my rural/residential area.

Rural areas do not have the infrastructure to deal with chemical spills and other hazardous accidents. Cities, which are already threatened with hazardous pollutants from a number of sources already, have plans and equipment in place to handle accidents of this sort.

Many of the families in Latimer have owned their homesteads for several generations. Other families like mine have scrimped and saved to buy a home that we treasure. We do not wish to have our homes taken from us by the railroad; so a few people in Biloxi will not be inconvenienced.

The best solution is to leave the railroad exactly where it is. Insist that CSX build overpasses where practical and put up crossing gates at all crossings. Keep the railroad in the city where it belongs

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