Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gary & Sheila Lorenz's Letter Makes This Writer As Livid As It Made Me

This letter appeared in the Sun Herald, Thusday, September 22.

Railroad tracks saved lives and property of thousands

After reading the letter by Gary and Shelia Lorenz in Sunday's paper, I am absolutely livid. To suggest that everything south of the railroad tracks be converted to what amounts to nothing more than glorified tourist traps totally ignores the lives and the rights of many whose families have lived and owned property there for generations.

Perhaps the Lorenzes would have a better understanding if it were suggested that their neighborhood and their home be leveled and converted into a parking lot for those same tourists.

As for relocating the CSX tracks north of Gulfport, the idea now is sheer folly. I and my neighbors personally can attest to the fact that had it not been for those tracks being there and acting as a natural tidal surge barrier, our homes and our lives would now be in shambles... if we had managed to survive. There is now no doubt that those tracks saved lives and property. I personally will fight to my last breath to keep those tracks right where they are. My neighbors have stated the same as well.

Let San Francisco, Long Beach and Galveston have the tourist traps. Leave the charm and ambience of our Gulf Coast as it was and will be again.

Common sense dictates that we give the job of rebuilding the Coast the vital consideration needed to protect property, lives, and our economic welfare from future natural disasters, but it also dictates that we consider the lives, rights and well-being of our people who live here as well.


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