Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Our Homes Survived Hurricane Katrina Don't Let The Railroad Destroy Our Homes

I would like to thank BFI, garbage service was the first service restored to my home, and believe me it was a relief to get rid of the garbage aroma we had been living with. I would like to thank Singing River EPA for working around the clock to restore power. And The Sun Herald is to be commended for printing free papers. The paper was the only way we had to receive outside news for quite some time, and The Sun Herald’s newspapers were much appreciated by this household when we could get them. And last but not least I would like to thank Cableone, it so nice to be able to get online again.

It was with dismay I read the September 11th, editorial in the Sun Herald about relocating the railroad The communities of Latimer, Vancleave, and Larue (all North of Interstate 10) survived the wrath of Hurricane Katrina with minimal to moderate damage to our homes. We do not wish to see our homes taken from us by eminent domain so they can be flattened to make way for the railroad. Considering the fact that many people along the Mississippi Gulf Coast are now homeless, and there is a severe housing shortage forcing many families to relocate out of state, it is the height of stupidity to suggest that homes that withstood Hurricane Katrina should be destroyed so the railroad can be relocated. A more intelligent suggestion would be that MDOT and the Railroads take this opportunity and work together to build overpasses at their current location.

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