Sunday, October 23, 2005

Move on to other ideas by Cissy Jordan

Two years ago MDOT hired a consulting group for $4 million to find a route suitable to move the present CSX railroad tracks. After spending $2 million plus of our tax money they ceased the search and this was their conclusion: THERE IS NO PLACE NORTH OF THE INTERSTATE SUITABLE FOR RELOCATING THE TRACKS. NONE.....THERE ARE ENVIORNMENTAL AND OTHER ISSUES THAT PROHIBIT ANY MOVE NORTH OF THE INTERSTATE. Officials with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife have concurred with this conclusion. We have three endangered species in Jackson County alone that would prohibit an intrusion of a relocation of these tracks. Senator Trent Lott has publically stated: "I will not support any expenditure of funds to move the tracks any further north than the Interstate" And he added: Without my support it will not happen. The cost to move these tracks(estimated at $2.2 to $3 Billion dollars) is outrageous." Fact: When this issue came up two years ago the Jackson County Board of Supervisors unamiously voted against moving the railroad tracks as did other government entities. Jackson County depends on the tracks to service industrial clients. Fact: How can you sit here and even think of moving the tracks when it is patently obvious YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERING THE EXISTING CONNECTIONS TO THE TRACKS IN ALABAMA AND LOUISIANA.. So you are saying you want to spend billions of dollars that are needed to rebuild our infrastructure up and down the Coast just to make a silly loop to accomodate some people who have far flung ideas but are not aware of the facts? Fact: No study has ever been made to consider elevating the tracks or creating overpasses and using the roadbed in Harrison County for an East/West corridor. Why not? Fact: By the time such a relocation of these tracks is finished more people will be living north of Interstate than will be living on the Coast, thus such a move will more disruptive than if you leave the tracks where they are and spend this godawful amount of money to help people get their lives restored. In conclusion: Suggesting that the tracks be moved is not like removing your neighbors dog poop from your lawn. There are no locations north of the Interstate where these tracks can be moved.....we suggest you move on to other ideas.

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