Saturday, October 15, 2005

The People Who Live North of Interstate 10 Matter Too

It never ceases to amaze me that people do not care that in order to relocate the railroad, families will lose their homes. You would think that after so many people lost homes to Katrina they would be less anxious to see more people lose their homes to bulldozers.

October 15th Letters to the Editor (Sun Herald)

Hal Hardaman wants to destroy my community so he can turn Highway 90 into a scenic boulevard. Please!........ What is so great about looking at a bunch of casinos and souvenir shops Highway 90 is a commercial area and should be treated as such. As to saving lives building an overpass/underpass and installing crossing gates at the railroads current locations would save lives, cost a lot less and not involve taking families homes away from them.

I received a very nice e-mail from SUZI GRAVENSTUK explaining she did not realize homes would be destroyed in order to relocate the railroad.

Thank you for explaining patiently to me. I was assuming there was land available, not neighborhoods. Actually, I am used to the rail road and would be willing to continue to accept that burden to your neighborhoods and wildlife would be undisturbed. I was partially in gest speaking directly to Mr. Koonse and his letter of October 8th. If you re read that letter you may actually be a little amused. Mr. Koosne was whining and belly aching about NOT being able to sleep because his railroad was "no more". My point was that rail roads do the same work wherever they are located. They don't have to be located by us to accomplish the work that they do, and, IF, the rail roads were moved I was sure Mr. Koonse could find someone to swap homes with, so he could continue hearing the trains at night, and the new people would not have to hear them. Yours was the kinder of letters I have received. I understand fully where you all are coming from. I advocate moving the railroad , how about to Beach Blvd., or why can't they build a railroad bridge from Louisiana to Alabama and spare us all. Any way, I hear you and apologize for stepping on your toes

At least one person understands how I feel.
Here is her letter, as it appeared in the October 15th Letters to the Editor printed in THE SUN HERALD.

Relocating the tracks would destroy our homes
I am outraged by the people who are using Hurricane Katrina to push their agenda for moving the railroad tracks north of the Interstate. Apparently they do not understand that in order to relocate the tracks people's homes would be destroyed... Or maybe they just don't care.

Before you advocate moving the tracks, consider this, the people whose lives you want to destroy are the very people who are helping the Coast rebuild, through donations and personal assistance.

There is no vacant land north of the Interstate. Expensive new subdivisions are being built every day. My family just built a new home that weathered the hurricane with no damage. We do not wish to have it taken from us by the relocate-the-tracks crowd.

Now is the time for CSX to build overpasses and underpasses at the railroads current location. The engineers said it wasn't feasible before due to the buildings on either side of the tracks. Thanks to the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, that is no longer a consideration.

Wouldn't it make more sense to encourage the people whose homes and business were destroyed by the storm surge to relocate north, so they wouldn't have to fear the destruction of their homes when future hurricanes visit our Coast? With global warming we cannot be certain that Katrina is the last or even the worst big storm we will see.

Please do not compound the destruction of Katrina by destroying people's homes north of the Interstate to please a vocal minority who want to move the tracks.


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