Monday, May 29, 2006

Insurance Cost Should Be Spread Over State

They are talking about raising the premiums, 400% for some people, who have the misfortune to live in the coastal counties. But we all know that Katrina did damage as for inland as Hattiesburgh and Meridian. In fact my home in Latimer (which is located in one of the coastal counties) received very little damage, while some homes in Meridian received much more damage. So why should I have to pay higher premiums then they do? And we all saw on TV, the people in Jackson asking for FEMA assistance, so why aren't their premiums being raised?

Commissioner Dale, it's time for some answers?

Sunday, May 28, 2006


We went to see X-Men The Last Stand at the IP yesterday. Enjoyed the movie, but I don't want to go back to the IP anytime soon. It was impossible to find a decent parking place, we wound up parking in lot full of broken glass. And when people got out of another movie you could hear them talking in the hall, which was very annoying as I was trying to listen to the movie.

Will their be a sequel? I think so.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

We Don't Want Gaming in Jackson County

Read how gambling begets millions of ignored addicts, the social cost of problem gaming, and how prevention and treatment money is in short supply in the Meridian Star's 3 part article.

At least Barbour understands that NO means No, according to an article in the MS. Press he will not support gaming in Jackson County. I find it ironic that Jackson County which voted against gaming keeps getting asked if they changed their minds yet, but Harrison & Hancock County which voted yes haven't been offered the opportunity to change their minds now that they see first hand the ills gaming can bring to a community.

If the Choctaws want a casino on the coast, why not build it in Harrison or Hancock County which voted yes to gaming? Why force it on a county that voted against gaming? (find the answer in the Sun Herald)

Of course, that would mean going slot-to-slot with other casino operators, and Martin does not fancy that competitive arrangement. He would rather toss a casino into Jackson County, where casinos have been consistently rejected by voters over the years.

He would do so by parlaying his tribal status to create an island of sovereignty in or near the Sunplex Industrial Park where he could do pretty much as he pleases.

He would not have to pay taxes.
He would not be subject to the Mississippi Gaming Commission and the laws, rules and regulations it enforces and the procedures it has established.

It is one thing for that sort of arrangement to be in place on established, historical tribal lands in Neshoba County. It is quite another to inject such unfair advantages into a competitive gaming market.

Residents of Neshoba County, home of two Choctaws casinos, were not given the option to decide whether they wanted gaming, said Neshoba County supervisor Benjie Coats.
"There were some concerns," Coats said. "We had no input into it. It was just there's going to be a casino.'"
Nor were Neshoba County voters allowed to participate in the tribe's agreement with the state, according to Coats. The tribe's agreement with the state, signed by Gov. Kirk Fordice in 1992, described how the Choctaws would conduct gaming in Mississippi and the amount of compensation that would be paid to the state.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Say No to Gaming in Jackson County

I was relieved to learn that Governor Haley Barbour does not want to increase gaming in Mississippi according to a recent article in the MS. Press.

How many times must the residents of Jackson County say NO to gaming; before the pro-gaming forces get the messages. We do not want gaming in our county?

And this would be even worse then the casinos Harrison and Hancock County already have an overabundance of.

  1. This would be an INLAND casino exempt from state gaming laws, as it would be run by the Choctaws.
  2. The property and the income would be tax-exempt.
  3. The well paying jobs would be given to Choctaws, leaving the low paying jobs for the current residents of Jackson County (Just travel to Philadelphia and visit their current casino to see for yourselves).

Monday, May 15, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Lament Not Being Able to Land Well Paying Jobs With Their College Degrees

We are told that we need illegal immigrants to fill the low paying jobs that Americans don't wish to do, but these illegal immigrants have no intention of taking a low paying job Americans don't want, they intend to use their college degrees obtained in the U.S. to take jobs away from American citizens. A bill before the Senate would create a track for illegal immigrants to become citizens and eliminate federal prohibitions against their receiving in-state tuition at colleges and universities. Critics of the Dream Act say the provisions would encourage more illegal immigration by parents seeking to enroll their children in U.S. schools, and that immigrants are taking college slots away from middle-class American students.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bra sets off metal detector in California

My sympathies are with the woman whose bra set off the metal detector. Especially since the good ole boys running the government don't seem in the lest bit inclined to solve the problem.