Thursday, June 29, 2006

Senator John McCain

N.Z. Bear is pleased to report that Senator John McCain has chosen as the venue for his blogging debut. His guest post (apparently his first blog post ever) can be found here.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

FEMA Funds Misspent

Considering the number of people who have yet to recover from the devastation Hurricane Katrina wrecked on their lives. I find it appalling that FEMA funds were misspent.

The studies findings hit the streets like wildfire: FEMA hurricane relief spent on football tickets, trips to Hawaii. High-end trinkets, "Girls Gone Wild" videos and even, believe it or not, a sex change operation.

One can only hope that these people will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In the meantime there are still legitimate victims of Katrina in need of aid.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Meridian Star is Full of Baloney

The Meridian Star is full of baloney. Moving the CSX railroad from the Gulf Coast is unnecessary. Apparently the Meridian Star fell hook, line, and sinker for the load of BS the casinos and wealthy businessmen were spreading in order to gain a scenic boulevard and additional real estate for themselves, at the expense of American taxpayers. Thankfully Congress had better sense.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Choctaws Don't Have to Pay Taxes Like the Rest of Us

The Sun Herald maintains that charity is not the way for casinos to pay their way. The Choctaws want to come into a county (Jackson County) that voted NO to gambling, force an inland casino on us, and then they will just give the government however much money they see fit for services; because unlike the rest of us they don't have to pay taxes.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unfair Tax

Before you jump on the fair tax bandwagon, consider this.

Those with sick family members would pay more in taxes as doctor's visits, hospital stays, and medicine would be taxed.

Seniors who have paid income tax all their lives would now be shelling out additional money in taxes at a time when they were expecting to pay less in taxes as their income is reduced.

Victims of natural disasters, like Katrina, would be taxed when replacing items lost in the natural disaster. Kinda adds insult to injury doesn't it. First you lose your home and possessions and then those idiots that advocate the "unfair tax" want to tax you to replace them.

Young adults just starting out and with huge student loans to repay would be paying the same in taxes as billionaires like Bill Gates (what's fair about that?).

And heaven help you if you get laid off, you'll still be stuck paying taxes every time you feed your family and provide shelter for them.

The argument that criminals and illegal aliens would now have to pay taxes is bogus.

It's a common misconception that illegal immigrants don't file income tax returns, said Francine Lipman, a professor at Chapman School of Law.
"A lot of undocumented immigrants pay taxes and actually pay more in taxes than your similarly situated low-income family who is here legally," said Lipman, who recently completed a law-review article titled "The Taxation of Undocumented Immigrants: Separate, Unequal and Without Representation."

The Social Security Administration last year estimated 75 percent of undocumented workers are paying Social Security withholding tax.

As for criminals, thieves wouldn't pay any taxes as they would steal the merchandise. Those criminals who are caught and jailed wouldn't pay taxes, as Uncle Sam foots the bill for their food, shelter and medical care.

My final gripe is why do they have to lie about what it is? It's not a fair tax, it's a consumption tax, so why don't they call it that. Why try to confuse people with it's name. But then again everyone is for a fair tax, very few people would be for a consumption tax that would tax medical care, food and shelter, you know the basic requirements of life.

Woman Tries to Use Katrina to Strike it Rich

Talk about frivolous lawsuits.

Boy am I glad I don't live anywhere near this woman. A hurricane comes along and slams the ports property into her home, and her solution is to sue the port.

I guess she figured it would be kinda hard to sue the hurricane.

Read all about it in the Sun Herald