Sunday, July 23, 2006

Katrina Funds Used For Pavilion in Ocean Springs

Many people in the United States sent funds to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. I wonder if they think $250,000 for a pavilion is a wise use of the funds they sent Ocean Springs.

I wonder why the money couldn't have been spent to provide city water for a woman living inside the city limits. Wouldn't this be more in line with the humanitarian goals expressed by many of the people who sent funds.

"I thought it would be to fulfill the immediate needs of the community, that it was directly for hurricane relief," she said. "I thought that decision would be made locally."

And the people who sent funds are not the only ones disappointed by Ocean Springs decision to use Katrina Funds for a pavilion.

Ocean Springs resident Nancy Morin alleged the donated money had been misappropriated. "Yeah, it makes the beach look nice, but do we need that, or do we need people back in their homes?" Morin said. "They're spending (the money) to make our city more beautiful, not more livable."

Read more about it in the MS Press.

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