Monday, August 14, 2006

Trent's At It Again

Senator Trent Lott "As in the case of the dangerous CSX line along the Mississippi coast, I’ve also been very aggressive in trying to move rail lines away from congested and populated areas, both for safety and to make shipments along the rails more efficient and less hindered by rail crossings and other obstacles. "

Apparently Senator Trent Lott doesn't care about those of us who moved to rural areas for the peace and quiet. He wants to force the railroad his rich city slicker cronies don't want down our throat. Senator Lott, those of us who live in the country happen to think that the lives of our families are just as important as the lives of those city folk. And if you really cared about efficiency you would work to improve the track at it's current location instead of trying to foist it off on people that don't want it, and taking their homes away from them by eminent domain.

And Senator Lott those European and Japanese trains happen to go through major cities, just like the CSX currently does. Apparently the Japanese and Europeans are better at obeying traffic laws and using common sense like STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN at railroad crossings.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Do immigrants take jobs from U. S. Workers

If illegal immigrants are not taking jobs away from American's then why do we have so many people living off welfare?

Put those welfare queens to work and you won't need the illegal immigrants.

But unfortunately too many Americans think they are entitled to a "free ride". At least the immigrants are willing to work. Maybe we can do a switch, the illegal immigrants that want to work can stay here and we can send the welfare queens to Mexico (they might actually learn a work ethic - get to work on time, do your job, etc.).

Friday, August 11, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Can Afford A House While Many American Citizens Can't

This Thai family is working for below minimum wage taking jobs away from honest American citizens. Minimum wage was created for a REASON, lawbreakers who work for below minimum wage are harming the economy.

From this article I gather I am suppose to feel sorry for the Mom who won't be able to afford the mortgage on her 5 bedroom 2 story home, if her children who are here illegally get deported. Boo hoo it's kinda hard to feel sorry for illegal immigrants when many AMERICAN CITIZENS are homeless.

One can only hope this house bill passes, allowing American's to earn a living wage and hopefully afford their own homes.

A House bill would make illegal immigrants felons, and aiding them a crime.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Second Hand Smoke is Dangerous

Second hand smoke kills, it should not be a problem to ban smoking in public places. After all NON-SMOKERS should have the right to breath smoke free air. They shouldn't have to risk death in order to eat out, attend movies or shop.

An Ocean Springs ordinance is proposed to ban smoking in public places except in private clubs and hotels rooms designated for smokers.

Read more about it in the MS Press.
It's time we protect non-smokers, including young children, from second hand smoke.