Monday, August 14, 2006

Trent's At It Again

Senator Trent Lott "As in the case of the dangerous CSX line along the Mississippi coast, I’ve also been very aggressive in trying to move rail lines away from congested and populated areas, both for safety and to make shipments along the rails more efficient and less hindered by rail crossings and other obstacles. "

Apparently Senator Trent Lott doesn't care about those of us who moved to rural areas for the peace and quiet. He wants to force the railroad his rich city slicker cronies don't want down our throat. Senator Lott, those of us who live in the country happen to think that the lives of our families are just as important as the lives of those city folk. And if you really cared about efficiency you would work to improve the track at it's current location instead of trying to foist it off on people that don't want it, and taking their homes away from them by eminent domain.

And Senator Lott those European and Japanese trains happen to go through major cities, just like the CSX currently does. Apparently the Japanese and Europeans are better at obeying traffic laws and using common sense like STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN at railroad crossings.

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