Friday, October 06, 2006

Casino Will Bring Crime and Drunk Drivers To Menace Area Students

October 18th at 7PM, at the Ocean Springs Civic Center (3730 Bienville Blvd), you will have a chance to tell the Indians that the residents of Jackson County DO NOT WANT A CASINO!

The resident's of Jackson County voted against casinos; so I fail to see why the Indians think they can come in and force one on us. The intersection of Mississippi 57 and Interstate 10 is a TERRIBLE place to put one. This area already has heavy traffic, not to mention it's the main route for the students who live North of Interstate 10 to get to the Jackson County Campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, it's the main route for a lot of people to get to the Jackson County Soccer Complex, and there are several other child oriented things in that area.

A casino will cause an increase in crime in that area. Then there is the issue of drunk driving. Casinos encourage alcohol consumption by their patrons. Do we really want our kids who are trying to get a college education to have to risk being hit by drunk drivers leaving the casino in order to get to school? Do we really want to risk our families being hit by a drunk driver while going to the soccer fields? Casino's DO NOT BELONG IN FAMILY AND SCHOOL ORIENTED AREAS.

This area is full of hardworking families, it is NOT a tourist area and a casino doesn't belong in the neighborhood. If the Choctaws really want a casino on the Gulf Coast, they can put one in Harrison County!

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