Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No prosecution over dragging comment

I am terrified to post this, what if Feather's feels threatened, will he send the cops after me. I certainly don't intend to threaten him in any way shape or form. But since I think the right to free speech is important, I'll put myself at risk and post.

After Feathers read Lester Creswell's comments in The Mississippi Press, he decided to file a criminal charge against him. "I felt threatened," said Feathers Monday after being informed the charges against Creswell were dropped, "and felt like something needed to be done."

I am glad prosecutors had the good sense to drop the charges. Certainly Lester Creswell's comments should be protected under FREE SPEECH! It would be a sad day indeed if the Creswell's of this world were silenced, and citizens could no longer complain about their lack of representation. Apparently Feathers didn't feel very threatened, the potholes still aren't fixed.

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