Saturday, October 28, 2006

Relocating Railroad Would Adversely Affect the Residents Who Live North of Interstate 10

As a resident who lives north of Interstate 10, I take exception to Maddie Costelli ‘s letter advocating spending tax money to move the railroad to my community. There are NO benefits to relocating the CSX railroad, and it would adversely affect the residents who live north of Interstate 10.

Apparently Ms. Costelli is unaware of the numerous subdivisions that are located north of Interstate 10. After Katrina more and more people are choosing to build their homes north of Interstate 10 they and the long term resident of these communities do not deserve to have their lives disrupted by the relocation of the CSX railroad. As we have just as much traffic as the cities do, moving the railroad to our community would not reduce the number of deaths and casualties as she maintains.

The residents north of Interstate 10 do not wish to be held up by time-consuming traffic delays from stalled rail cars, anymore then she does. We have jobs, and classes that we need to get to on time. As most of us already have longer commutes then the city folk do, there is no reason to inflict additional delays on us just so the city folk will not be inconvenienced.

The railroad should be left exactly where it is already located. Maddie Costelli and the other resident’s of Gulfport knew there was a railroad there when they choose to live there, she has a lot of nerve trying to decrease the quality of life for those residents north of Interstate 10 in order to improve her own. It's even more outrageous that she wants to use our tax money to destroy our homes and lives.

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