Friday, October 05, 2007

Denson says Choctaw casino would be outside the control of Jackson County zoning ordinances

A proposed Choctaw casino would be outside the control of Jackson County zoning ordinances, wrote Mico Beasley Denson in a Monday letter to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors.

So unlike the rest of us, they can do whatever they want.

The letter also states the tribe has purchased 61 acres in the area in addition to its current land holdings of 40 acres.

And there is nothing to prevent them from gobbling up more of our land.

Once the land is acquired in trust, the tribe would have jurisdiction to determine land use, and the local zoning ordinances would not apply," Denson wrote.

While the proposed casino would fall within the zoning uses of the land, a hotel tower proposed as part of the $375 million project would not. The tower, which would contain about 1,100 rooms, would be about 20 stories high.

Jackson County zoning regulations limit buildings to 50 feet in height.

So Jackson County residents will have a 20 story eyesore to view, rather they want it or not.

"If the four properties are acquired in trust, payment of annual taxes on the 61 acres of about $4,400 will cease," Denson writes.

So now they pay taxes like everyone else, but once it is acquired in trust payment of the annual taxes will cease.

"But this small reduction in sales taxes would be more than made up for by increased gross receipt (sales) taxes based on increased off-reservation economic activity in the surrounding communities and increased property taxes on any non-Indian tenants."

So our community will be flooded with Indians who will not have to pay property taxes like the rest of us. Only non-Indian tenants will have to pay property taxes.

Denson writes that the tribe will have its own police force at the casino.

Police who will be free to treat non-Indians anyway they please.

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