Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jackson County already voted 'no' on gambling

From Letters to the Editor (The Sun Herald)

Jackson County already voted 'no' on gambling

I know we are going to vote again on the issue of gambling in Jackson County, what I don't understand is why. We have already voted on the issue and the answer was, "No, we don't want or need gambling in Jackson County."

Are we just going to have to vote gambling down over and over to please special-interest groups? Why is the issue even being broached? The Choctaws' land off Mississippi 57 isn't historical tribal land but land they purchased, if I understand correctly. Does that mean if they purchased land in downtown Ocean Springs, they could just request permits and variances to open a casino there? Why not a brothel since we don't have any of those operating openly (that I know of)?

We have a fairly quiet, charming little town that appeals for just that reason. Why mess with success? Vote "no" again and let's keep the traffic, crime, and 24-hour rat race out of our area.

DEE WICHMAN Ocean Springs


Anonymous said...

Alasandra: no matter what you say about my tribe - you are still wrong! You really do not know the facts about my tribe. other people who post comments on your web are just as illiterate and ignorant as you are about Native Americans. I urge you to read native american history and landmark cases concerning issues with native americans. We are an honest people and want the same things you have as Americans. For years, we have been denied. Now we are standing up and want to be included in mainstream America and you white people still do not want us to gain prosperity and affluence. Well... I guess, it's got to be somebody's job to be racist and ignorant hating Native Americans. I hope you keep your job!

Alasandra said...

It is not racist or ignorant not to want a casino in your county.

If you would pay attention to the issue at hand instead of seeing yourself as a victim you would know that the residents of Jackson County voted against gambling PERIOD. We voted against casino gambling in our county long before the Choctaws thought about inflicting one on us.

The Choctaws already have a very lucrative casino in Philadelphia, MS and they are free to put a casino in Harrison/Hancock County where casinos are welcome.

I have nothing against the Choctaws. I do not want casinos in my county and I do not care who wants to put them there. I also think Cheif Denson should have respected the wishes of the residents of Jackson County as Cheif Martin agreed to do. That would have been the honorable thing to do. Luckily for the residents of Jackson County the Bureau of Indian affairs agreed with us and will not allow Cheif Denson to inflict a casino on a County that doesn't want it.

You know anonymous only cowards refuse to reveal their identity.