Saturday, October 06, 2007

Reasons to Vote Against Tribal Gaming

  • 50 million a year in Federal Aid and grants is given to the Choctaw tribe annually (there are less than 5,000 tribal members in Mississippi) They do not pay taxes.
  • It has been established in our courts (case law) that the tribe can not pay taxes or a percentage of revenue, which is considered a tax. A pledge by Chief Denson to pay Jackson County a per cent of revenues is unlawful and he knows it. (This will not happen, It is another false promise).
  • There is no possible way to force the tribe to abide by any promise or pledge that they may make. Once they are here we will be helpless to enforce any laws or promises.
  • The impact upon Jackson County will be negative. Resulting in higher taxes (for non-Indian residents of Jackson County, Indians will not pay taxes, not even property taxes) in a county that already leads the state in high taxes. (you can also forget about affordable housing for the residents of Jackson County).
  • Any person injured or harmed while on a reservation can not call or rely upon local law enforcement. No local, State or Federal Law Enforcement is allowed on tribal land.
  • Tribal casinos are not regulated by the state gaming commission. Casino winnings, jackpots, etc. are also not regulated. Any dispute goes to Choctaw Tribal Courts.
  • A Choctaw Casino could bring a bad element into our county as the tribal casinos are not subject to any State Regulated Scrutiny.
  • Roads, schools and the county infrastructure will be strained and overburdened with no tax benefit to off-set this burden except the non-Indian tax payers of Jackson County (Indians do not pay taxes not even property taxes).
  • Tribal casinos are not required to report their 'gifts' to elected officials nor to report campaign contributions. This can lead to corruption and fraud (Panel Says Abramoff Laundered Tribal Funds).
  • The tribe has proposed establishment of retail business, hotels & restaurants on the casino site which will compete with local business ( while the INDIANS WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY TAXES, the local business will making the competition unfair and unequal).
  • More the 7,00 Jackson County Residents currently work in the casino industry in Harrison and Hancock Counties.........The impact of the proposed Choctaw Casino could force some of these residents out of work. (Denson has publicly stated that he thinks INDIANS should hold the high paying jobs in a Choctaw Casino).

I will attempt to do a follow up on the environmental impact within the next few days.


theron said...

The Choctaws have been restrained by the powers that be in the federal government and Mississippi.
The Choctaws have a good reputation and leaders in economic development in Mississippi. Many have made comments that are negative against the Choctaws. I have detected racism and ill will toward the Choctaws by comments made. One writes, " they will gobble up our land!" YOUR LAND??? Isn't it Choctaw land? Manifest destiny is why you are sitting on the land! Choctaws felt the heart aches and horrors inflicted by the U. S.! the Choctaws-poorest of the poor and now want a peice of the American Pie! Choctaws had no jobs, no education, no good health care and so on. Only by pulling themselves up by their own boot straps has Choctaws been able to compete in the economy and they money it earn goes to their infrastructure; and people of all colors benefit! Choctaws do not depend on mississippi for aid. Choctaws do not spend Mississippi's money. Mississippi spends Choctaw Money! Choctaw businesses pay out to the state more tax dollars than anyone thinks. people who post opinions should be more educated to the choctaw plight and cease being ignorant!

Alasandra said...

I am not sure where you get your information theron.

The Choctaws never lived on the MS Gulf Coast. All Indian tribes are not the same. The Tribes that lived on the MS Gulf Coast are the Biloxi, Pascagoula, and The Natchez. Therefore the Choctaws do not have any Tribal CLAIM to land on the MS GULF COAST.

The MS Choctaws are NOT POOR. They do very well with the casino they have on their traditional tribal land located in Neshoba County (Central MS).


The MS Choctaw Indians have also been guilty of corruption.

Along with about a dozen other lobbyists, Pizzella also advocated for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. During the three years Pizzella worked the Choctaw, they dished out $5.7 million for the work.

Investigators of Abramoff's Choctaw work have since accused him of laundering funds.

Documents show Abramoff diverted Choctaw money to bogus Christian anti-gambling groups and purchased gear for a "sniper school" in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Pizzella's role in the Choctaw lobbying remains unknown.

And preventing other tribes that could compete with them from getting their own casino.
The Choctaws reportedly supported Riley in the governor's race because he opposed the expansion of gaming in Alabama. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians, whom the Choctaws considered to be a rival, wants to offer Class III gaming.

Before you post again; perhaps you should take you own advice and cease being ignorant.

Every American taxpayer contributes to the CHOCTAWS.
50 million a year in Federal Aid and grants is given to the Choctaw tribe annually (there are less than 5,000 tribal members in Mississippi) They do not pay taxes.

The Choctaws get free health care unlike other Americans.

The Choctaws do not have a good reputation they are involved in the Abramhoff scandal. They are racist as Denson said he thought to many NON-INDIANS were employed in the Philadelphia casino.

Educate yourself and you will see that a Choctaw casino in Jackson County (which voted against legalized gaming) is unfair to the residents of Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...Choctaw Indians corrupt!Look at our local lawyers and judges! No taxes! Do you think the hlocal hispanic community is paying taxes...and I am sure every year you look for a way to get out of paying! Protection by law enforcement, look at the Harrison County jail! What did the U.S. give the native americans when their land was taken? Housing shortage? The housing market has become stagnant?

Alasandra said...

The housing market in Jackson County isn't stagnant. I know tons of people that are in the market for a house in Jackson County.

Unfortunately they can not afford the Mcmansions on the market. They need affordable housing.

By law the Hispanic community has to pay taxes.