Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Will Denson keep his word about 'impact fees'

Martin had personally vowed to abide by the outcome of the referendum and withdraw plans for the casino if the voters in Jackson County opposed it.

But not Denson.

One of the first things he said after defeating Martin was that he would not abide by the results of the referendum. Of course, that should not have come as a surprise, since he said before being elected that his decisions as chief would not be based on the opinions of non-Indians.

So why would we be naive enough to belive that Denson would keep his word about paying 'impact fees' (The Mississippi Supreme Court in June 2006 upheld a lower-court ruling saying the city of Ocean Springs has no legal authority to assess impact fees on developers, essentially calling them an illegal tax.) to non-Indians. It's apparent from his statements that he doesn't respect the Jackson County residents right to decide if they want gambling in their County.

Denson has made it clear that the opinions expressed at the polls in Jackson County next month do not matter to him. Jackson Countians - especially their elected officials - should make it clear how little Denson's opinions matter to them.

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