Thursday, November 08, 2007

Choctaws prove they are liars

Former Chief Philip Martin said he would abide by the referendum and the Choctaw Tribal Council passed a resolution in agreement.

The residents of Jackson County voted NO to the casino, but Denson proving that we can't trust the Choctaws to keep their word plans to ram the casino down our throats.

Choctaw Chief Beasley Denson said, "I am disappointed that a majority of the voters missed this opportunity to embrace a real partnership with our tribe." Although the voters rejected the project, "We built a coalition of business leaders and individuals in support of the Tribal resort casino," Denson said, and the Tribe will continue the permitting process.

After this does anyone believe the Choctaws would have kept their word about the impact fees (donations) they would have made to the County?

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