Friday, November 09, 2007

Denson and 'supporters' lost no time dismissing majority of county's voters

Sun Herald ~ Letters to the Editor. ANNE C. BURKE brings up some troubling points.

Denson and 'supporters' lost no time dismissing majority of county's voters

Chief Denson's decision to press ahead with a casino should not surprise those of us who have voted against that decision. He has publicly stated that the opinions of the people who have to absorb his tribe's intrusion are meaningless to him.

He states there is a "coalition of business leaders and individuals in support of the Tribal resort casino"? Is he capable of enough honesty to furnish their names? I'd like to ask these "supporters" what they find persuasive about a casino in Jackson County. Obviously they believe they have something to gain by forcing a casino on a majority of residents who don't want it.

Having closely watched the politics of Mississippi, Ocean Springs and Jackson County for many years, I think it's just a matter of time before we hear: "Even though the people voted against it, we feel that in the interest of economic development... .

Or, "Even though the people voted against it, we think in the long run... .

Or, "Even though the people voted against it, we were elected to make these decisions for the people."

Or, "Even though the people voted against it, Chief Denson assures us... .

My personal observation is that the word of most elected officials has a shelf life roughly equivalent to the time it takes the voter to get out of earshot.

Ocean Springs


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Choctaws are not liars! The Choctaws are a soveriegn entity and can do whatever they want to to on federal land that is thiers. Liars? As a Choctaw Indian and knowledgeable of what Mississippi has done to the Choctaws...Who is the real liars? Mississippi has not contributed to the Choctaws welfare. We are still a poverty stricken people who need every help that we can get. White people have only took from Choctaws with nothing in return. We want good schools, hospitals and want to be educated. We want the same things that white people enjoy! We have become Mississippi's largest employers and tax revenues are paid to the state. Thousands of Non Indians work for the tribe. Taxes are taken out of thier checks and given to the state. Choctaw Businesses make up for taxes. It is not like our businesses do not contribute-we are contributing. we are a small group of aboriginal people who would like nothing more than to live the American Dream! Why are white people so afraid of us little people? or is it because they do not want us to excel and acheive the American Dream? I do not like to point fingers, but white people are saying, "Choctaws cannot be trusted, Choctaws are liars!" We are just business people trying to make money to pour into our infrastructure to serve our people with services that Mississippi will not help us with. I think that instead of downgrading us, You should pat us on the back for picking our ownselves up by our bootstraps and contributing to the State! By the way, I'm sorry for blaming "White people"; just trying make a point! What happened in the past is PAST! We Choctaws want to look ahead to earn money to take care of our people.

Alasandra said...

You do realize the Choctaws have TWO casino in Philadelphia.

I do not have a problem with the Choctaws wanting to make money to take care of their people, that is certainly a laudable goal.

My problem is the fact that Jackson County residents do not want casinos in our county. We have voted 4 times AGAINST CASINOS. The last time was against the Choctaw Casino. The Choctaws are welcome to put a casino in Harrison or Hancock Counties where casinos are welcome.

Denson is a liar because Chief Martin and the Choctaw Tribal Leaders promised the voters of Jackson County that if we voted NO to the casino they would not pursue it. We voted NO, and Denson is still pursuing it. That makes him and the Choctaws (who are allowing him to do it) LIARS.