Monday, January 14, 2008

Kevin Cruse Speaks Out About the Salt Dome

We must speak up against ruinous salt dome scheme
Haven't we been through enough since Katrina? It's bad enough that developers have bought up most of the Coast's prime real estate for condos. And casinos probably own what's left. Now, the government wants to ruin what can't be sold - our rivers and our Gulf - by using the water to flush the salt out of the Richton dome for oil storage.

If they had to dip into our reserves to help out after Katrina, why can't they just fill them back up? There's no need for a new storage facility, especially at the risk this one poses.
Seems like I remember years ago they wanted to dump nuclear waste in the salt domes and we said, "No!" It's time to say no again.

There's got to be a safer way to get that salt out of there than to deplete our rivers and over-salt our estuaries. If there isn't, then they'll have to look elsewhere. We should be able to vote on this issue since it's our state - our home - that's at stake. We need to write our representatives, who are our voices in Washington.


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