Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Notes From a Town Hall Meeting With Congressman Gene Taylor

I went to the Town Hall Meeting Monday night held by Congressman Gene Taylor.

In response to the Richton Salt Dome. Taylor assured us it was not funded. He also announced the DOE had agreed to a public hearing in March or April. He sent one letter in December which you can read here. Another letter was sent after Christmas which Senator Thad Cochran and others signed. He will not support taking water from the Pascagoula or Leaf Rivers as Jackson County already has fresh water problems and they have been working for 18 years on a way to get more fresh water to us via the rivers. He will support using salt water to hollow out the dome and diffusing it outside the barrier islands. Someone brought up the possibility of selling the salt, and Congressman Taylor assured the person that it would be looked into. He also mentioned the need for alternatives to fossil fuels and said switchgrass looks promising.

The House has approved the Multi Peril Insurance Bill and it is in the Senate now. Congressman Taylor asked us to contact our Senators and request that they support it.

It sounds as if we will be in Iraq for awhile. Iraq is a welfare state and we are now providing the sheiks money to pass out to their tribes, this will apparently hasten the peace process.

The next Town Hall Meeting will be in Wiggins on Feb. 11th, 2008.

Congressman Taylor also spoke of how the LCS Program is behind schedule and over budget.
In selecting dual hulls for LCS, the Navy’s intention had been to deliver ships quickly to the fleet through two shipyards, with the option to downselect to one design at a later point in time. But now it appears that companies that were edged out in the original competition might have another shot at LCS.

This is potentially good news for Northrop Grumman Pascagoula.

A soon to be 70 year old veteran with health issues related to his service brought up how he is being jerked around by the VA. Unfortunately I didn't get his name and I haven't seen anything in the news about it. I do hope this man is able to get the medical care he deserves after serving his country.

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