Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update to Town Hall Meeting

There was finally something in the local papers about Congressman Gene Taylor's Town Hall Meeting. From The Mississippi Press.

He also said he is encouraged by the Navy's tentative look at the Coast Guard's National Security cutter as a possible base design for the littoral combat ship program. He said the Navy and Northrop Grumman have talked about alterations to the Coast Guard cutter that would allow it to fill the role of the littoral combat ship.

Currently, the Navy is building two littoral combat ship designs. Lockheed Martin is building one design at the Marinette Marine Shipyards in Wisconsin. General Dynamics is building a less-traditional, trimaran design at the Austal USA Shipyard in Mobile.

Taylor said that both designs were significantly behind schedule and over budget.

"I am encouraged that the Navy is looking at the National Security cutter," he said, saying that one way the Coast Guard and Navy could cut costs is to share designs. "If Marinette and Austal do not perform, Northrop Grumman is in the running."

I hope Northrop Grumman gets the contract.

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