Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jackson County Board of Supervisors against the proposed Richton Salt Dome project.

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors went on record Monday against the proposed Richton Salt Dome project.


Anonymous said...

I have a vested interest in this Salt Dome pillaging that our Governor has decided is for our own best interests.

My grandparents and my father were all Jackson County natives, and I spent the better of part of my childhood living in Pascagoula.

The Singing River and the wetlands and fauna that feed from her, needs to be saved.

Had it not been for Katrina, and the subsequent loss of gainful employment I had on the Coast, I would be living and working there right this very minute; more importantly, I'd be using every ounce of every resource I have to fight this outrageous desecration of our land in order to further the cronyism that runs so rampant in Jackson.

Anyway, I noticed that there's a chapter of the Sierra Club in G'port. Are they active at all? Are there any other groups that are protesting this upcoming atrocity? If so, could you possibly post some numbers or web sites that would point me in the right direction?

We can't stand by idly and watch this happen.

Alasandra said...

This is a link to the Sierran http://mississippi.sierraclub.org/newsletter/archives/2004/03/a_007.html

They have a contact us option. Hopefully they can provide you with the information you requested.