Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our environment is still at risk from salt dome project

Sadly it looks like the idiots in Washington could care less about the environment on the MS Gulf Coast and are determined to go ahead with the salt dome project.

Ramseur and Jeff Grimes, assistant director of the Gulf Restoration Network out of New Orleans, both said the Richton Report fails to address one of the major concerns of the project; pipeline breaks or leaks along the 80 miles — which the Energy Department itself predicts will happen — spilling brine onto sensitive river wetlands.

Grimes also was concerned the agency does not report the impact to sea life on the ocean floor, where there would be elevated salinity levels, or whether the “elevated salinity plume” might cause a dead zone.

Valid concerns, additional concerns include the loss of water from the Pascagoula River. Water Jackson County may need as our water table is rising.

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