Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter from Maxine Ramsay

Letter to the Editor, The Sun Herald, July 21, 2009

MDOT sign should say, ‘Your tax dollars at waste’

This letter is in opposition to MDOT State Route 15/57 Alternate Plan through Latimer in Jackson County.

MDOT and Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown acted in a furtive manner on this important issue by holding a forum in Harrison County, leaving out Jackson County in their meetings and advertisements. An oversight? I don’t think so. In essence, Brown has publicly stated that the Latimer C corridor is MDOT’s choice.

Jackson County’s supervisors have been contacted but have not supported the citizens of Latimer in their plight. They have also been contacted by MDOT, yet they remain silent. Why?

How can MDOT rationalize a completely new route in these economic times? Instead of saving the taxpayers’ money by using existing roadbeds (either Miss. 15 or Miss. 57) they will be squandering away 10 times as much money by bulldozing wetlands and streams and adding four miles to the route.

I wonder if MDOT thinks EPA and the Fish & Wildlife Service rejoice in the selection of Latimer C, which will impact many threatened and endangered species and their habitats. At least two archeological sites will be destroyed. Why choose this route when there are more environmentally friendly routes to consider?

Longtime homeowners, other residents and those displaced by Hurricanes Camille and Katrina will be affected unnecessarily.

A look at the land rolls provides some very interesting names of landowners on the route and in the general area who could profit from future development if Latimer C comes to fruition.

Maps, petitions, MDOT comment cards, and other information are available at Cruthirds Country Corner Grocery and T&N Feed Store off Exit 50 in Latimer.

Instead of “Your Tax Dollars at Work,” this project’s sign should be “Your Tax Dollar at Waste.”



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