Wednesday, July 01, 2009

State Route 15/57 Objections

Wayne Brown and MDOT held public meetings in Harrison, Stone & Perry Counties about the proposed improvements to State Route 15/57. All these counties are in the path of Alternative B. On the other hand the residents of Jackson, George & Green Counties who are in the path of Alternative C will not have any meetings held in their counties. Apparently we are not going to be allowed the same open forum public meetings where we can “view MDOT’s alternatives and speak to representatives” or a chance to voice our opinions and opposition as the residents of Harrison, Stone & Perry Counties enjoyed. The residents of Latimer do not wish to have highway 15 moved to their community. Wayne Brown and MDOT's backhanded attempt to keep those along Alternative C from learning these "proposed improvements" might affect them are shameful. And shame on the Sun Herald for not letting the residents of Jackson County know they should attend the meeting in D'Iberville (Harrison County). Nothing in their article about the meeting in D’Iberville, Sunday June 14, 2009 Meeting will give highway options - Sun Herald mentioned Jackson County as a possible route. If they had the residents of Latimer would have attended the meeting. Unfortunately according to MDOT when a resident of Latimer called to request a meeting in Jackson County, we have missed our chance.

Good news MDOT has agreed to hold a meeting in Latimer.

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