Monday, July 20, 2009

Proposed highway route threatens homes

From WLOX TV Proposed highway route threatens homes

Alternate Route C runs through the tight-knit Latimer community and crosses several homes.

"I can't believe it," said 18 year-old Natalie Ramsay, whose family just moved into a new house in the proposed highway's path. "You would never think that that would happen to you or your family."

Ramsay is worried she's going to lose her new home if the highway runs through Latimer.

"My mom and dad have worked so hard for this, and it's being taken away," Ramsay said. "And it makes me think, Do these people actually care about what they're doing? Or do they just worry about making money or having a road put through?"

Brown said MDOT is considering drawing a third route that would run just north of Latimer to connect with Hwy 57. He said he expects the decision-making process to take up to a year.

This could potentially be horrible news for me depending on how far North of Latimer he is talking about. So for a whole year the residents of Latimer and the surrounding area are suppose to live in fear that their homes could be destroyed.

Alternate Route B touches on land owned by Camp Shelby and the Forestry Service. Southern District Highway Commissioner Wayne Brown said it would be very difficult to acquire the permits necessary to cross through that property.

It is unconscionable that it is harder to use land owned by the federal government then it is to seize private citizens homes

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