Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reynolds speaks out if defense of Latimer's wetlands

July 29 Letters to the Editor, The Sun Herald

Stop MDOT’s cut-through plan before it’s set in concrete

Tell me it ain’t so! Tell me Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown is not trying to pull a fast one over on the citizens of South Mississippi. Word is, he’s planning to move the route of Mississippi 15’s four-lane corridor from the existing route to a Jackson County cut-through (Route C).

And cut through it will. Does Brown think the beautiful streams, meadows and creeks of Latimer, Larue, Vestry and Vancleave can be improved with four lanes of bridges, concrete and asphalt? I especially like the part where Wayne and his brother own 1,000-plus acres of land near the proposed route.

There’s a reason for saying, “Take the high road.” The existing route was once a path traveled by native Indian tribes. Settlers made their way to the Coast along its natural ridge.

Along Route C, bogs and wet-lands are nature’s water filters. Rain seeps through and trickles down into our water table as clean water. Wetlands cannot be reproduced or manufactured.

Brown’s proposed Route C is a seriously flawed concept. It is an ecological nightmare, four miles longer, and will cost you, the taxpayers, millions of dollars more. These are taxes everyone in our country will pay. In these hard times, we do not need to add to the recession.

Please contact Commissioner Brown at Call your supervisors, state representatives and congressmen. Let them know that you strongly disagree with Brown’s proposal. How can we sit idly by and let this happen to our children and their children? We deserve better.

Please attend the meeting hosted by MDOT and federal officials from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11, at the Latimer Community Center.


Ocean Springs

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BethanyC said...

I hear you on this. Glad you're doing your best to get the word out there.