Friday, August 21, 2009

LTE ~ Richton Salt Dome Project

Don’t trade our river and our Gulf for 10 days of oil

It seems that politicians in Perry County and Washington are hell-bent on destroying our Pascagoula River system. I can’t understand why the DOE wants to spend $2 billion to $4 billion to store 10 days worth of oil. What good will 10 days of oil do us in a world war? The refineries will not be operational to refine it into gas or diesel, so what’s the point? Besides, we’re broke!

If Richton wants this oil project, let them mine, then pile that salt in their city or county so it can destroy their property, not our river and gulf. I’ll bet they don’t want all that salt contaminating their farmland, just as we don’t want it contaminating our river and gulf.

Right now the Obama administration has stopped new drilling, and oil is being stockpiled by companies until they get the price back up. So why is the DOE going ahead with this? The answer is greed. A select few will get rich off this at the expense of the environment.

I’ve said it before, you can’t eat money and you can’t drink oil. We need the river’s fresh water and the food from the river and gulf more than we need 10 days worth of oil. This project is going to put all this in jeopardy. The depletion of fresh water — 50 million gallons a day — from the river will allow saltwater intrusion to destroy the marshes.

I hope there is enough protest from voters to get this stopped. Use the money for something we need.

In an e-mail, Rep. Gene Taylor says he supports the dome project but doesn’t support the way the water is to be taken from the river nor the dumping of the brine into the Gulf so near shore. He doesn’t address the spill factor that the DOE itself admits. We must band together and get this stopped, please write your representatives and voice your concerns.


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