Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010 Letters to the Editor ~ The Sun Herald

Change of heart followed change of highway’s path

I am confused about Jackson County Supervisor Tommy Brodnax’s change of heart. When his property in Latimer was threatened by the proposed route through Latimer, Mr. Brodnax said he would prefer for Mississippi Highway 15 to remain where it is today. “I’d like to see it in its present place,” Brodnax said. “Where it is now, I think that would be the most sensible thing to do.” (

Now that his Latimer prop-erty is no longer threatened by the proposed route Tommy Brodnax introduced a resolution formally supporting a route for Mississippi 15 that would take the highway through parts of Latimer and the De Soto National Forest, across west Jackson County, to connect with Mississippi 57 north of Vancleave. (Sun Herald, April 5).

I guess those who are politically connected do not have to fear MDOT’s bulldozers destroying their property, while the rest of us have to live in fear that our homes will be ripped from us by eminent domain.

Perhaps it is time for Latimer residents to stage their own tea party and elect a representative who actually represents them, not someone who is only looking out for his own selfish interest.


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