Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Letters -

No lipstick can disguise barbaric hog-dog contests

Recently I called the Jackson County supervisors individually to express my disagreement with their 4 to 1 vote in favor of allowing hog-dog contests in Vancleave. Although the four “yes” voters listened politely, I could tell they were not going to back down on their decision.

Mike Mangum was the only supervisor to vote “no.” Each of the other four asked me the same question: “Have you ever been to a hog-dog fight?” This led me to believe that they had attended them. One supervisor said, “The animals are not hurt. The tusks and nails of the hog are filed down (ouch) and there is a vet tech to ensure that the animals are all right.”

Why is a vet tech needed if there is never injury to the animals? I was told that a hog is in the arena with several dogs, and the dog that is able to get the hog into a corner without biting the hog is the winner. This implies that the losing dogs do bite the hog and, to me, the word “biting” means that some injury is involved.

One supervisor said, “This has been a tradition in our area for a long time.”

Long-time traditions such as dog fights and cock fights have been deemed inappropriate and cruel and have, therefore, been outlawed.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told me that they received hundreds of e-mails from our area and strongly argued on our behalf against the contests, to no avail.

Animal lovers in Jackson County, I plead with you, do not allow this to continue. It is barbaric, archaic, and totally exploits our furry friends.

Please call the supervisors (blue pages in the phone book) or e-mail them via the Web site,, and let them know that we are above having this cruel, senseless activity in our community.


July 16 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Letters -

Great letter to the editor, if only our supervisors would listen. The majority of Jackson County residents do NOT WANT or APPROVE of this barbaric event.