Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stop Highway 15 from going through Northern Jackson County

I talked to a very nice gentleman at MDOT who informed me that the only reason the route to connect Highway 15 with Highway 57 through Northern Jackson County Alternative C-1 (Orange Route on the MDOT map) was still in play was that some City Officials and County Supervisors wanted it. He also said that if a number of Latimer and Larue residents contacted MDOT opposed to the route they would be happy to discard it.

For those Latimer/Larue residents who aren’t concerned because you don’t think the project will impact you think again. Tommy Brodnax (who wants the route despite what a number of his constitutions want) has already informed me that IF Highway 15 goes through Jackson County they will widen Tucker Road/Old Biloxi Road until it meets 15 and create an economic corridor, for business. Those of us who have homes along the route will be displaced for “economic progress”.

Latimer rallied before and saved our community from the now discarded route. We need to rally again and get this C-1 route through Northern Jackson County discarded. What can you do? Contact MDOT, sign a petition, contact your supervisors and tell them you are opposed to this route and you want them to pass a resolution saying they DO NOT WANT Highway 15 to go through Northern Jackson County, IF they do, the gentleman at MDOT assured me the route would be discarded. If we have enough names on the petition even without “our supervisors” support the route will be discarded. You can sign an online petition here

There will be a Civic Meeting October 11th, 7PM at the Latimer Community Center. I encourage you to take the opportunity to let Tommy Brodnax know what you think of Highway 15 cutting through Northern Jackson County and his desire to widen Tucker/Old Biloxi Road.