Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Notes from the Civic Meeting

After the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance Cissy recognized the guest and Darrell Holloway (Treasurer) gave a brief report.

Then Steven Palazzo was introduced. He promised to put Mississippi families first and to create jobs by cutting taxes including cooperate taxes.  When question about Highway 15 he said it was "worth investigating and that the government should work for the people". He had to leave after he spoke for another engagement.

Cissy asked the crowd to be respectful of all opinions.

Jackson County Fire Coordinator, Ray Watson was the next to speak. This was rather confusing so if you have any questions I suggest you contact Ray Watson at 769-3110 . Three departments have been consolidated into one management structure (Fort Bayou Fire Department). Some Latimer residents will be in the St. Martin Fire Grading District and will hopefully receive a rating of 7 which will allow for cheaper fire insurance rates. Others like myself will be in the Latimer Fire Grading district and our ratings will not be as good. For those of you unaware Wanda Freeland maintains Latimer Community News and can be reached by email.

Lori Massey spoke next she informed us that employees of MDOT can no longer make comments to us thus she did not have a  statement from them to read. She then read my letter and added her own comments. Lori said "As a voting citizen of Jackson County, I am disappointed in our elected official Tommy Broadnax who is not supporting the majority of his constituents.".

Tommy Brodnax District 4 Supervisor (phone # 769-3457) then addressed the crowd. He refused to answer questions concerning highway 15 but stated he believed in MORE AND BIGGER ROADS and that the only way to stop the roadwork in Latimer would be to vote him out of office. He was questioned about his potential economic gain if the route for Highway 15 went through Latimer and  the property he owns. He was also asked why the bridge on Mallett Road/Cook Road has been out for so long. He stated that there were majoring engineering problems, he thought the firm hired was incompetent but the other Board of Supervisors refused to fire them. He was also questioned why Jackson County students do not have enough school books to bring their books home to study.

Cissy reminded everyone that the Civic Association does not take positions and is merely there to share information with the residents.

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I thought Palazzo was the man but what about this? www.twicethelegallimit.com Maybe it's a mistake but sure looks authentic?