Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas tree recycling ‘a joke’ to Brodnax

Supervisor Tommy Brodnax said the program was a waste of time, and therefore money, having county rubbish trucks pick up trees dropped off at certain locations just for the purpose of recycling.

“It’s a joke,” Brodnax said after the meeting. He called it unnecessary, especially since the company that handles county garbage will pick up discarded Christmas trees curbside for no extra cost.

But Supervisor Melton Harris suggested Brodnax was missing the point and that recycling is something in general that the county wants to encourage.

He pointed out that Jackson County has gone from twice monthly curbside recycling of bottles and newspapers to once a week. But Brodnax said he disagreed with that as well, pointing out the $517,000 annual price tag to offer the enhanced service

Brodnax is the real joke, he gleefully orders trees mowed down in order to 5 lane roads in residential areas, that the residents of those areas do NOT want.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gene Taylor's Funding Request for South Mississippi for Fiscal Year 2011.

Jackson County Board of Supervisors
P.O. Box 998, Pascagoula, MS 39568
Urban Collector Road ($2.5 Million)
Next phase of construction of urban collector road adjacent to I-10, linking two commercial districts. Supported by MDOT. Relieves congestion and improves safety by taking local traffic off I-10. Previous funding from SAFETEA-LU, FY 2008, FY 2009, and FY 2010 T-HUD Appropriations. Once completed, the urban collector project will assure a safer and more convenient route for local residents between the I-10/SR 15 Interchange in Harrison County to the I-10 Tucker-Washington Interchange in Jackson County.  This alternative route will allow traffic to avoid accessing the heavily congested Interstate 10, while also permitting the development of frontage property.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the area north of I-10 has witnessed extraordinary growth that makes the urban collector project even more critical to meeting formidable local transportation challenges.

Did anyone bother to ask the residents of Jackson County who will be affected by this MONSTER ROAD if they wanted it? NO!!!!!

The people along Tucker Road/Washington Avenue lost their yards and in a few instances their homes to this MONSTER ROAD that the residents of Latimer didn't want. Before more of your friends and neighbors lose their yards/homes to this MONSTER ROAD tell the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that we do not wish our tax money to be spent on these roads.

And why have they bothered making Interstate 10 6 lanes if they didn't want anyone using it. BTW I don't know anyone who thinks Interstate 10 is congested unless it is during one of the periods when they have it shut down for road work. 

Prime Example of wasteful government spending.