Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas tree recycling ‘a joke’ to Brodnax

Supervisor Tommy Brodnax said the program was a waste of time, and therefore money, having county rubbish trucks pick up trees dropped off at certain locations just for the purpose of recycling.

“It’s a joke,” Brodnax said after the meeting. He called it unnecessary, especially since the company that handles county garbage will pick up discarded Christmas trees curbside for no extra cost.

But Supervisor Melton Harris suggested Brodnax was missing the point and that recycling is something in general that the county wants to encourage.

He pointed out that Jackson County has gone from twice monthly curbside recycling of bottles and newspapers to once a week. But Brodnax said he disagreed with that as well, pointing out the $517,000 annual price tag to offer the enhanced service

Brodnax is the real joke, he gleefully orders trees mowed down in order to 5 lane roads in residential areas, that the residents of those areas do NOT want.

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