Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Miss Gene Too

From The Sun Herald Letters to The Editor

I miss South Mississippi’s voice of reason in Congress
Thank you for the informative article last week about former Congressman Gene Taylor. It was good to see that Gene is moving forward after being “fired” by the voters of the 4th Congressional District. I always liked Gene’s performance in the Congress. His was such a balanced, mature, often bipartisan, voice of reason in Washington. I miss him.

The op-ed piece by Steven Palazzo on April 8 made me miss Gene Taylor all the more. Palazzo’s proudest accomplishments seem to be voting to eliminate support for National Public Radio and to deny women, particularly poor women, access to vital health services by defunding Planned Parenthood, as though these were serious attacks on our federal deficits. It’s political demagoguery, pure and simple.

Palazzo also wants to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency, which guards the air we breathe and water we drink. If this is what passes for modern congressional leadership, then help us all.

Bay St. Louis

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