Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This makes me so sad

True grit at Humane Society
I guess they’re used to it, those employees in their blue uniforms and green scrubs who sit behind the counter at the Surrender Center of the Humane Society in Gulfport. Polite and detached, the lady hands me forms to sign and asks me if I am aware that there is a $15 “surrender fee.” Over her head on the wall behind her there is a large sign which warns everyone that this is not a no-kill facility. Below that were numbers describing the chances of survival: almost a thousand animals surrendered; about a third of these adopted. The rest were euthanized, except for the lucky seventy who were transported by the “Love Train” to facilities in other states where they might be adopted.

I guess they’re used to it. They just keep typing, stapling and focusing on the computer screen, unfazed by the outcries of animals in other parts of the building. There’s the incessant barking of the two spirited dogs brought in on leashes by the couple sitting near the door, waiting their turn. A pale Lab, silent and sad. was also among the waiting. The employee picked up one of the two grey kittens I’d brought in. She is non-judgmental and business-like. “The mother is being spayed today,” I volunteer.

Should I tell her that she was a stray; that my daughter took one of the four kittens and I kept one too? Would she care that I tried to find homes for these two?

People don’t want to adopt adult cats,” she says. She looks at me and smiles, slightly. “They like kittens. They’ll be adopted.”

I shove my dark glasses harder into my face and head for the door before I burst into tears.
I guess they’re used to it. They’ve got to be.


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