Monday, June 11, 2012

Public Service Announcement

The Sierra Club and Mississippians for Affordable Energy need your help!
The Mississippi Power Company wants you, the rate-payer, to finance the
dirty, expensive, and unnecessary Kemper County Coal Plant.

DIRTY—The plant will use one of the most polluting types of mining known as lignite strip mining, 45 square miles in the headwaters of the Pascagoula River.
EXPENSIVEThe cost is estimated at more than $2.88 billion dollars.  Once again, this cost is put on the rate payers and not the company itself. 
UNNECESSARY—Mississippi currently has natural gas power plants lying idle that can supply three times the necessary amount of power for the state.

Senate Bill No. 2793, signed by the governor, authorizes Mississippi Power to charge its customers to pay for the construction of this plant.  Due to its experimental nature, the plant may never EVEN WORK.   The rate payer will have to pay for the plant, with an ESTIMATED 48% RATE INCREASE, even if it never produces one watt of electricity.  Yes, this provision is even in the bill.  We can no longer afford to support this type of corporate welfare.  This project will make a few very rich while producing SOME jobs.  These jobs will most likely not be created jobs but jobs that are simply relocated from power plants on the Coast.

The MS Public Service Commission will hold a public hearing on the request by the Mississippi Power Company for a 12% increase in our electric rates, starting NOW, toward the estimated 48% increase in the future.

We will be chartering a bus to travel to Jackson, MS on June 22 to attend the MS Public Service Commission hearing.  Round trip including lunch $10 by June 22. Join us to protest the blatant collusion of MS Power and our Mississippi lawmakers to satisfy their own interests instead of the public’s interest.   

Meet us at 7:00 am at the parking lot of Barnes and Noble. Please RSVP to Linda St. Martin at 228-324-4028 or email Glen Sandberg if you plan on coming.  If you are in Jackson County, there will be a pickup location in your area TBD.

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