Tuesday, July 31, 2012

District 4 Town Hall Meeting hosted by Supervisor Troy Ross

I was very pleased to learn of the plans to place asphalt on the walking track in Latimer. I hate having the mulch get in my shoes when I walk there. I was also pleased to learn they are considering putting in restrooms and perhaps even a splash pad. There are also plans to create a Youth Complex where the old St. Martin Upper Elementary and Middle Schools were.

A free medical clinic is being added in West Jackson County near the Sheriffs Department on Tucker Road/Washington Avenue. The county is providing the building for a nominal rent.

A wildlife rehabilitation center is being allowed to locate near the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Gautier.

To see the new property rolls for Jackson County go here. No notices were sent out informing homeowners of the new assessed values of their home.

And a reminder that Jackson County Spay & Neuter provides a low cost spay and neuter program for low income residents thanks to scholarships and grants.